Litigation Strategy

At Matturro & Associates we are acutely aware that one of the primary concerns of clients today is securing excellent legal services while at the same time controlling litigation expenses. Toward this end, it is our goal to join as partners with the client and its legal and technical staffs to develop and implement an effective litigation management strategy on a case-by-case basis. In order to facilitate these objectives we have structured a philosophy of case management encompassing the following:

  • Aggressive litigation planning and budgeting including an early identification of legal and factual issues and an early evaluation of available facts, proper venue, alleged injuries and/or damages, the strength of opposing counsel, anticipated inclinations of the court and/or the assigned judge, and expected litigation costs. Moreover, we present all reports in a regular and timely fashion in order to facilitate smooth decision-making by the client.
  • As an integral part of our reporting, we prepare an early evaluation of the strength of the case in order to assist the client in determining whether it should be settled or defended. If it is impracticable to make an early evaluation or determination, we identify which legal and/or factual issues must be explored early in discovery in order to facilitate the client's decision. Thereafter, it is always our philosophy to strive toward the earliest resolution possible consistent with the best interests of the client.
  • Strong communication with the client throughout the life of a case, including appraisals of progress, evaluation of new developments as they occur, and prompt responses to your comments and questions.
  • Sophisticated and well-maintained internal reports and checklists aimed at reducing the need for frequent file reviews and internal conferences while at the same time assuring comprehensive attention and management of each case.
  • Detailed legal billing aimed at aiding your internal auditors to track litigation expenses and to present a clear outline of services rendered. Significantly, we have instituted the Pyramid billing system which is one of the most comprehensive and accurate computer programs for the processing of legal billing.